Hi, I'm Rafał Warniełło

Digital Product Designer

I'm a designer with over 5 years of experience in creating beautiful digital projects and useful products that make everyday life easier.

I worked for a variety of startups, small and big companies such as iProspect, Isobar or Hypermedia just to mention some of them. Now I'm working for Netguru where through beautiful software we let people do things differently. I'm also the co-creator of the two successful teams at well-known in Poland hackathons - we won Google Startup Weekend (2015) and TechSoup's Edukaton (2018). In my free time, I'm eager to take on volunteer design work for non-profit organizations. I'm currently designing a mobile app that will help the therapists taking care of children with autism spectrum disorders.

If you want to read my latest articles about Product Design Industry, head over to:

Check my case studies projects at Behance and smaller shots at Dribbble. Drop me a line at LinkedIn or via mail warniellorafal@gmail.com. Thanks!

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